Personal history

My international background led me to master both English and French perfectly but it was studying comparative literature and studying drama that sparked my strong interest in the tongues. Studying Wole Soyinka and playing in Peter Brook’s Conference of the Birds as a Drama and Theatre Arts student gave me a foretaste of Africa which my longing for adventure led me to fulfill. I first trained as a Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages to add an extra tool to my arsenal before setting off to explore the world.

During the early years I spent in Africa, where I taught an array of different audiences, I learned to use my acting skills to facilitate communication. My teaching experience has helped me enhance my public speaking skills, learn to be articulate, express myself clearly, and provided me with the capacity to feel comfortable in all sorts of situations. I was sometimes solicited as an ad hoc Translator and Liaison Interpreter which lead me to acquire new skills I later decided to hone by completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Translation Studies. Later still, my never-ending quest for learning and need for challenge led me to train as a Conference Interpreter.

My varied professional experience has afforded me a well-rounded set of skills, including first rate efficiency and accuracy. At the Embassy of the United States in Libreville, I learned to handle all kinds of situations and comply with protocol. When in position at the Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne, I was in sole charge of coordinating and responding to all the Learning Department translation requests which implied close collaboration with Faculty and the technical teams, dealing with tight deadlines as well as high pressure.

Since I fully engaged as an independent, I have worked for diverse institutions and organizations and been confronted to an array of different topics. I like to view each new assignment as an exciting opportunity to discover, grasp new concepts, and further my knowledge. As an integral part of my work, I follow world events, activities and keep up with the evolving language used in the media.  


  • 2017 – Master of Arts in Conference Interpretation: University of Ireland – Galway
  • 2011 – Postgraduate Degree in Translation Studies: University of Birmingham
  • 1998 – Bachelor or Arts in Drama and Theatre Arts: Goldsmiths College, University of London
  • 1995 – Bilingual International Baccalaureate, International School of Geneva

Extra training:

  • 2019 – CCIC, Two week Specialised Conference Interpreting Course, Cambridge, UK.
  • 2018 – Curso de lengua y cultura española, Barcelona, Yuste & Calliope, Spain.
  • 2016 – Spanish Language Diploma, DELE C1, Instituto Cervantes.
  • 2015 – SDL Trados (beginners and advanced), Geneva University,CH.
  • 2015 – La révision des traductions, buts et méthodes, Geneva University, CH.
  •  2014 – Editing in English, Geneva University, CH.
  •  1998 – TOEFL Teaching Diploma, Oxford House College, London, UK.